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We print every color BUT ONLY IF IT`S BLACK.
We are happy that you decided to learn about our printing house history
manual print.
Manual_print history beggins in 1902
Teofil Czechak
, born in Berlin in 1902 didn't knew that he will start new chapter in family history. In 1917 he graduates shool as a printing machine operator.
After 1918 comes to Poland with his family where starts to work as operator and mechanic of printing machines.
timeline photo
timeline photo
In 1921 Ireneusz Czechak was born Teofils oldest son. He beggins his education, and later work in Poznan Graphic Company, just like his yunger brother he works as typesetter.
In 1952 he moves to Jarocin, where he opens Stamp and Stationery manufacture.
It's 1954. Janusz Czechak is born. In 1975 he will finish Poznan School of Poligraphy.
timeline photo
timeline photo
In 1977 Janusz takes over the bussines after his father
and in 1984 buys firts typographic machine, which opens new chapter in history.
In 1990 Janusz beggins to build a print shop, and soon after that buys first offset machine and introduces computer aided typesetting Company changes it's name to "Czechak Print and Stamp Shop".
timeline photo
timeline photo
Maciej Czechak, son of Janusz, gets first "touches" in fathers company.
After highschool he starts his internship as offset printer and immediately gets job in Poznan Graphic Company where history comes full circle. 22 years earlier exactly in the same place learned his father and 42 years earlier worked his grandfather and uncle.
Maciej finishes school and beggins work in family bussines. Gets to know printing technologies and gains experience gradualy improving printing shop.
timeline photo
timeline photo
Year 2013th is a breaking point. Last name Czechak, for another time draws a strong mark on the pages of the history of printing Manual_print is born. From the very beginning, the company focused on working with black and white printing, scores points in a big group of demanding customers.
Using the dynamically developing market, the printing house is transformed into Manual Print Sp. z o.o.
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A strong attack on expansion and development causes Manual Print to increase the surface production and machinery park for further machines for HEIDELBERG wire binding and HORIZON glued binding. MANUAL PRINT Sp. z o.o. is created.
timeline photo
timeline photo
By raising qualifications, the company gains a new key_visual, increasing its market share.
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