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How to prepare files for printing.

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Here you will find basic information about the requirements for file preparation for printing.

If there are run or fold lines in addition to the cutting line, they should be marked on the design. W e accept print jobs only in CMYK color space if other colors appear in the project (ex. PANTONE), such information should be included in specificaton.

Fonts converted to curves.
If bitmaps appear in project they should be saved in 1:1 scale.
300 dpi resolution.
CMYK color with no additional profiles embedded.
Design centered on the page.
Distance of graphic objects and texts from the cutting line min. 3 mm.
The cutting lines should be outside the gross area.

What are the reasons for rejecting uploaded files?

Next to it you will find typical mistakes in preparing files for printing.

If you reject the file for this reason, please standardize the work format and re-upload the file. The print file has been sent in the wrong format </h6> - please send your printouts in properly prepared PDF files.

No bleeds or bleeds too small
(bleed - print area that extends beyond the cutting edge)

Bleeds at work should be 3 mm for each side.

Incorrectly embedded fonts

Fonts have not been properly embedded in the project, it may result in their lack or incorrect displaying when printing.

No font change to curves

Fonts should always be converted to curves, because in the absence of a given font they will be automatically converted to another. This may cause a lack of Polish letters and an incorrect appearance of the text.

Project format not in accordance with the specification

Please remember that the files sent for printing should have a format compatible with the print specification - the projects will not be scaled to adapt them to the format specified in the specification.

Below are the most important information necessary to properly prepare the resulting file.

Photos 300 dpi.
Vektors 2400 dpi.
3mm bleeds + cutting edge.
Pages in order 1,2,3 ... etc. (without folds).
CMYK color space.
Exact file name descriptions.
Fonts converted to curves.

Rules for taking orders

Rules for submitting, accepting and confirming orders. The quotation we provide is the offer on the basis of which the customer can place an order. If after placing the order, based on additional arrangements, any parameter of the order is changed or added, the customer must confirm the order again.

wykrzyknik   Worth remembering.

Each order must contain the technical specifications of the product:

Before proceeding with orders, especially from private individuals, private companies and first-time customers, we may require prepayment even for the full value of the order. For orders with a delayed payment date, company registration documents and authorization to place orders by a person who is mentioned in the order signature may be required - if it is not mentioned in the registration documents. These types of activities are only required once..

Format (in the case of instructions - brochures, the format should be given after submission).
Print - colors.
Material - the paper to be printed on.
Deadline and method of delivery / pickup.
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